Get Ready for a Solar Powered Dual Display Laptop

Can you imagine a Solar Powered Laptop if no, Than no need to be imagine just be ready to experience it. Forget about a wireless charging Macbook because Tech giant Apple could launch a Solar powered Macbook in future. If this Macbook comes in the market than Apple will be the first tech giant, who comes with a solar powered laptop.

apple macbook pro 13 inch 2013 650x0 300x199 Get Ready for a Solar Powered Dual Display Laptop

Solar Powered Dual Display Macbook

Apple get a patent from US Patent and Trademark Office. The Patent has the title ‘Electronic device display module’. it is expecting if Apple’s patented technology comes in the market, it will be a great experience for the users. The patent allows the Tech Giant Apple to make a laptop which not only will be solar Powered but also will have a unique Dual display. And by making this Macbook the Apple will be the only one laptop maker which produce a unique Display Laptop.


There is no doubt Apple is known for its beautiful designed and extra advance technology. The Apple device are not only look beautiful and amazing but also provide the user friendly, easy and convenient to the users. The users can easily execute the apple device as they feel convenient. So if the Apple bring this extra and unique technology Macbook in market, no other company can beat the Apple.


It is expecting that the Apple’s patented technology Laptop can includes a two-sided display, In which one display will be located inside like other normal laptops while the other screen would be located outward. The various theory report stating that the Laptop will be accompanied with photovoltaic cells on the top of the device. These photovoltaic cells are capable to obtained energy from external light sources and will charge the laptop.


This laptop will also feature to touch input sensors. So users will be able to wake the notebook from sleep mode without open it.  The touch control is likely to be fitted just under the logo that will allow the users to turn on or off the laptop without least efforts, deactivate multiple functions, play music and many more things just waving their hand over it.


apple solarpowered macbook 1 1 Get Ready for a Solar Powered Dual Display Laptop

Solar powered Dual Display Laptop


The apple will use a lot of variety of materials like metal, ceramic, fiber composites and glass in Display of the Laptop. While the laptop’s rear display could be made by electrochromic glass. This glass will allow only the required light to pass.


All the information about this anticipating laptop are unknown. This is not confirm when Apple will plans to create such a unique product, still apple Just got the Patent of this technology not unveil any news of launching unique technology Laptop. But the Apple has researched similar technology before like in August 2012 Apple got the patent to make secondary displays and solar cells iPad Smart Covers. Similar in 2008 new comes that apple files a patent to produce solar LCD powered iPods, iPhones, and laptops.


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4 Responses to “Get Ready for a Solar Powered Dual Display Laptop”

  1. Mayur

    Feb 01. 2014

    Wow!! It will be a beast! But as you already said, this is not confirmed news. It’s just a rumor! Let’s look forward, if apply unveils any official news about this lappy..
    In fact, If they launch budget solar laptop, then definitely i will go buy it. :)

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  2. Vivek Baghel

    Feb 01. 2014

    Wow :) wonderful news :) Just waiting for this Laptop

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  3. Rupali Garg

    Feb 01. 2014

    Thanks mayur and vivek for stopping out And unfortunately yet it is just a rumor , i wish Apple introduce this patented technology soon in the market.

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  4. Vijesh

    Feb 03. 2014

    Hope this technology is soon going to hit the markets, Nice info Rupali keep going…

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