Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

The idea of writing this article on mobile phones dedicated to old age and senior citizens is comes in my mind when one of my blog reader ask for a smartphone for his mom. At that time i was confused and started search on web to give him answer but unfortunately there was not so much information about Mobilephone for Elder and old age people.  Even i have to buy a cell phone for my mom and this article will also help me in choosing the best.

As we know after crossing the age of 60 years the eye site become weak and make difficult for the senior persons to operate the lengthy and difficult apps smartphones. Even all the mobile manufacturer didn’t consider the old age persons and making most of the smartphones for youngsters which includes difficult apps, games and lengthy camera features. So like the young generation mobile makers also ignoring these senior and old aged persons and makes very rarely Smartphone for Elder And Senior Citizens. 

So after a wide search i find some mobile phones for oldies and people who are not good in technology. All these smartphones are quite easy to operate comes with good and large keyboard.

Considerable factors while buying a mobile phone for senior citizens

While you are buying a mobile phone  for senior citizens, keep these factors in mind : 1. Easy User Interface 2. Large Keypad 3. Good Quality Sound 4. Wireless FM

List of best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

iBall Aassan

Iball Aasan Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

iBall Aassan

iBall Aasaan is specially designed to keep in mind the elder needs of the elderly. This is one of the best mobile phone comes in India for senior citizens. This bar shaped phone is easily adjustable phone in your hands. The device comes with a large keypad with easily recognisable letters and alphabets.Users can press numbers and letters comfortably. The iBall Aassan comes with a lot of safety and sound features like good loudspeaker and a louder volume as compared to most other mobile phones. The SOS button located on the phone which is an important feature of this device. This button help the users in emergency situation and allows the user to send a pre-recorded emergency message to five pre-set numbers. The phone also feature to shortcut keys located on the side for easy access, a torch and wireless FM radio

Snapfon Ez One

snapfone Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

Snapfon Ez One

This is a phone i got for this article after a wide search specially designed to keep in mind the seniors. The main feature of the phone is its huge buttons on the front of the phone. These buttons are very large and easy to read and navigate. The mobile phone features to high earpiece volume so overall it’s an obvious choice for oldies. Apart from its big buttons also consist an SOS button, by pressing this button which user can automatically connect with an emergency phone number. So i think this is the best choice for elder citizens.

LG VX4700

medium04 Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

LG VX4700

LG VX4700 is not a high end device but as per its functionality it is one of the best smartphone for aged people. It provides a smooth and easy operating experience to the users. The LG VX4700 has rated highest for earset volume on the basis of different reviews. The cell phone features to a reasonable and good keypad that enables to old age people to type numbers smoothly. The cell phone is specially designed for people suffered from hearing problems.

Motorola RAZR V3c

motorola v3c open side Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

Motorola RAZR V3c

The Motorola RAZR is also a perfect mobile phone for senior citizens. The cellphone offer the essential and good quality features to senior citizens. The gadget is known for its good quality and high volume. apart from excellent sound features it has good keypad and an overall package of good features.

Motorola i760

motorola i760 01 Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens

Motorola i760

The Motorola i760 has known for its high earset volume and excellent keypad. users love this device due to its good sound quality, speakerphone and nice display. The battery life of the phone is not so good and lack of Bluetooth are the negative points of the mobile. So it’s an average phone for moderate users.

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  1. Galaxy Note 4

    Mar 05. 2014

    Hey Rupali
    Everybody writes smartphones review for youngsters only but you did something new.

    You wrote about Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens.

    Such an interesting article.

    Great write up

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  2. Kuldeep

    Mar 06. 2014

    Hi Rupali,
    That’s really an interesting post. This list is amazing, thee phones are really good for senior citizens and elders.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Monika Sharma

    Mar 13. 2014

    “Best Mobile Phones for Elder And Senior Citizens” It’s really wonderful Post “Rupali Garg” Basically I do see many Webmasters post latest cell phone, Up Coming phone, etc but I this post is good & the Titles is very nice ! This really very nice list of useful cell phones of Senior Citizens.

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  4. Shivkumar

    Mar 20. 2014

    Hello Rupali,

    Today I was also in the same situation as you were when your reader asked you about the best phone for his mom.

    Fortunately I was searching the mobile for my grandpa which he can handle even without worry about the problem which may be caused when it is fallen down or not handled with care.

    Thanks for shairng.

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  5. santosh

    May 26. 2014

    This is really to do somthing new for elders. I hope u can do somthing for childs like gps tracker or any products for tracking or hospitles list with speciallyty uder one roof. Thanks Rupaliji.

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  6. sachin

    Jun 22. 2014

    Hi rupali
    Thanks for the helpful information

    Looking for a phone for my mom. Would like to know if there is any touch pad phone also for senior citizens or something with a bit big screen to use and enjoy what’s up app

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