Step by Step Guide to Root Moto G

If you’re proud owner of Motorola Moto G and looking for a way to root this amazing android device from Motorola, then article is dedicated to you guys. As in this article, we’re going to share with you step by step guide to Root Moto G running on any Android firmware.

Moto G is a latest Android device from Motorola which is currently on Android 4.3 and soon will get updated to run newly announced Android version 4.4 kitkat. According to price this device has amazing specifications. As rooting is an essential part of every Android device which gives you the option to use rooted apps or custom ROMs. You can also tweak and customize your device to enrich your experience, thanks to root method from MoDaCo‘s Paul O’Brien.

In-depth Guide to Root Moto G:

root motorola moto g1 Step by Step Guide to Root Moto G

Guide to Root MOTO G

Below in this article we’re going to share with you step by step guide to root Motorola Moto G which is very easy and it will hardly take 5-10 minutes. So without further ado, lets head over to guide:

Note: Make sure after rooting your device, you will no longer be able to Official Updates (OTA) from Motorola though you can unroot or flash the updates.

Disclaimer: If you are rooting your Moto G using this step by step guide, then you are responsible for anything you do to your device.


1. A Motorola Moto G

2. Your device must have 80% battery charge

3. User need to have bootloader unlocked to carry out the root process. For this purpose you need Fastboot, Visit this page to get started. Step mentioned there are very simple

Caveats or Limitations:

1. Process will void or invalidate your warranty

2. Bootloader unlock will wipe your device

3. You will not receive future updates by Motorola

4. But going to back to Stock ROM is very easy

Download link

To complete the root process, you need “Superboot r2 -DOWNLOAD(ROMraid) – MD5: a4ca11f526f57f643a0a552ec234ad6f”

Step by Step Guide to Root Moto G

1. First thing you need to do is download the Superboot Zip file and extract it to the directory.

2. Now you need to put your device on bootloader mode.

3. Turn off your Smartphone i.e. Moto G

4. Here on this step you need to turn on your device while simultaneosly holding down the “volume down” button.

5. The above step will allow you to enter your device in bootloader.

On Windows:

In your Windows- run “superboot-windows.bat” Administrator.

On Mac:

If you’re using Mac OS, then you need to open a terminal Window to the directory containing the files, and now need to type “” followed by “sudo./”

On Linux:

And, if you’re using Linux OS, then you need to open terminal window to the directory containing files, and then type “” followed by ‘sudo ./

Congratulation, you Motorola Mota G is successfully rooted!

Moto G Rooted Step by Step Guide to Root Moto G

Your Moto G Rooted

So give a try to above step by step guide to root your Moto G and let us know whether this really helpful or not. If you have any issue related to above guide, visit official guide at Modaco to shoot your queries. 100% chance that you will get a quick and right solution.

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    Hi Viney,
    I bought Moto G a week and looking for the guide to root it.
    Thanks to this guide, I’ll straight away try this tutorial to root my device.
    Thanks for sharing.

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